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Monday, March 20, 2017

J- Links of Interest

This Trader's Great-Great-Grandfather Founded Japan's First Stock Exchange by Tom Redmond, Yuko Takeo and  Nao Sano (Bloomberg)

“I was a short-term guy, I was a trader,” Shibusawa, now 55, said in an interview in Tokyo. “But I saw the necessity of a long-term perspective.”
Japan's Cozy Culture Club by Christopher Langner (Bloomberg)
Activist funds are finding fertile terrain in Japan as they identify what may be recurring mispricing of mergers and acquisitions. The hard part will be overcoming a deeply ingrained culture of cozy corporate ties to achieve better terms for minority Investors.

Abenomics' Third Arrow Spurs Dan Loeb and Others to Shake Up Japan by Jess Delany (Instituitional Investor)
Dan Loeb's Thrid Point leads a new wave of activist hedge funds taking advantage of the Shino Abe reforms.
Market Scramble: Off-the-beaten-path stocks may be the way to go by TAKENORI MIYAMOTO (Nikkei)
While most investors in the Japanese market are snapping up financial and cyclical stocks on hopes for interest rate hikes and stimulus measures in the U.S., some contrarians are challenging the consensus, preferring issues that remain off the Radar.

Japan’s Sun May Be Rising by Charles Wolf Jr. (The Weekly Standard)

Whether by design or inadvertence, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s plans for reviving Japan’s economy after two decades of stagnation differ sharply from the stimulus and austerity policies pursued by the United States and the European Union to recover from the deep recession of 2008-2009. These differences augur well for Japan’s prospects.
Boardroom ghosts suddenly under scrutiny at Japanese firms by Yuko Takeo and Nao Sano (The Japan Times)
For as far back as people can remember, they’ve been there in boardrooms across Japan, the lingering ghosts of past Regimes. Suddenly, their presence is being questioned anew as the nation overhauls its corporate governance structures.


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