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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Value Links of Interest

The Heresy That Made Them Rich By JOSEPH NOCERA (New York Times)

Columbia Business School held its 15th Annual Graham & Dodd Breakfast. The guest speaker was Jean-Marie Eveillard. The host was Bruce Greenwald, the Robert Heilbrunn professor of finance and asset management, whose value investing course is one of the school's most popular offerings.

A Legacy: The Sons of Stanford; The Man of Value Investing by Unknown Author (Pdf File)

Stanford Business School long has been seen as as a bastion of "efficient markets thinking". But another Stanford faculty member, Prof. Jack McDonald, teaches that markets are not always efficient, that discrepancies can occur, allowing a series student of fundamental investing to buy a Dollar for 50 Cents.

The World According to Eveillard: Why disciplined value investing is so difficult by Evan Siminoff (Financial Advisor)

If Warren Buffett is the second richest man in the world, why aren't there more professional value investors? The answer is purely psychological. If you are a value investor, every now and than you lag. It can be painful. To be a value investor, you have to be willing to suffer pain.

Grandfather Knows Best: A genetic disposition to insurance stocks by David Schiff (Emerson, Reid's Insurance Observer; PDF P.7)

Chris Davis, a New York money manager who specialises in insurance stocks, telling us why he loves insurance business. "Everbody's a customer, the products don't become obsolet, and there's no pollution, patents, or foreign competition to worry about. And," he says, looking comfortably casual ia a tweed suit, "financial stocks tend to sell at a discount."

Charle Brandes and the Orthodoxy of Value Investing by Julie Segal (Instituitional Investor)

Charles Brandes has applied the value investing principles of Benjamin Graham on a global stage to create great wealth, but his investors haven't always shared in it.

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